We Buy Your Used Cooking Oil!

North Coast Environmental proudly provides service in the removal of various restaurant greases and animal by-products that you may have at your establishment.  We have a wide-reaching service area throughout Northeastern Ohio; reaching as far North as Cleveland, South as Canton, West as Sandusky and all the way east to Erie, Pennsylvania. We are customer service specialists who provide collection and removal services for any business that generates inedible meat, bone, fat and grease by-products through the course of business.  We buy used cooking grease.

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Creating a cleaner environment in our area is much more than a catch phrase at North Coast Environmental.  It’s our mission statement!  In our area, we are considered the specialists in the recycling of animal by-products.  We not only remove this unwanted waste from your business, but we deliver it to state of the art processing facilities to process it into new clean energy alternatives.  Other waste is converted into value enhanced feed ingredients.  Throughout the entire process, we use a hands-on approach so that you can keep your hands off!  We recycle, and it helps us all!

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It’s a given that most businesses care about the environment, but don’t really think about how their day to day operations effects it.  In short, when businesses make waste, they have it removed but generally don’t know it’s effects on the environment.  At North Coast Environmental, we turn your simple need to have by-products removed into something that greatly helps our children’s future grow.  Our processing facilities consistently are developing new technologies in the creation of biodiesels and biofuels…created from what most businesses considered to be little more than waste.

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Located in Cleveland Ohio

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Chagrin Falls, OH